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Talented Dancer, Pop Music Fan, Aspiring Fashion Stylist

Chen Wanyi
Down Syndrome
Wanyi’s life is a lot like that of any girl her age. She’s been working at a hotel as a housekeeper for a few years now, and cites her colleagues as a reason to look forward to work.

On her days off, she likes to spend time with her mother at home, watching cooking shows and cooking together. She loves dancing and singing along to her favourite pop songs. In fact, she has memorised the lyrics of entire song albums. She plays tennis with her siblings and enjoys sightseeing and window shopping with her friends.

Wanyi is exuberant, outgoing, happy, and clearly knows what she wants. She dreams of becoming a fashion stylist someday as she loves fashion and reads magazines to keep up with the latest celebrity fashion trends. Her eyes light up when talking about make-up and clothes. She likes putting together outfits and even sketches them out. She has a penchant for pink and adores quirky prints and patterns.

If there’s something Wanyi could change, it would be how people think of her. She wants them to know that although she has Down syndrome, she can be independent and plan for her future too.

Her future desires include getting her driver’s license and her own car and apartment. She has only one prerequisite for her car – a sunroof. She says, her eyes flashing excitedly, “I want to drive with the top down and feel the wind in my hair.”



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