Sportsman, Avid F-1 Fan, and Aspiring Paralympian
Just like every other 17 year old, Gareth enjoys watching the EPL, and is an avid enthusiast of the F1 Grand Prix. However, unlike every 17 year old, Gareth developed Muscular Dystrophy, a condition where one’s muscles slowly weaken. Regardless, this hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life.
Sister’s Best Friend, Enthusiastic Traveller, Race Car Fanatic
Ethan’s great smile jumps out at you, even bigger than the motorised wheelchair he uses. Spend a few minutes in Ethan’s company, however, and you’ll realise the chair is an extension of his personality. His school backpack casually dangles from the handles and Ethan takes glee in zipping off ahead in it, taking turns like an experienced motorist.
Economics Whiz, Chinese Classics Enthusiast, Researcher
There’s more to Peng Kai than meets the eye. Because he uses a rollator, or rolling walker, people tend to be surprised when they get to know him better. He might have difficulty manoeuvring steps and kerbs, but he outpaces others when he is crunching data.